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Oh My WebServer TryHackMe

Let’s take a look at the Oh My WebServer CTF on TryHackMe Created by @tinyb0y.


Nmap Scan

The first step of my enumeration was a scan with nmap. by the command:

sudo nmap -Pn -sV

The “Nmap Output” displayed 2 service running under port 22 and 80. Nmap

Dirsearch Scan

I next decided to run a Dirsearch scan on the webserver to see if there were any interesting hidden directories, by the command: dirsearch

I didn't found any thing special even with other wordlists.


Now let’s look for exploits that we can use against Apache version 2.4.49.

searchsploit Apache 2.4.49

Searchsploit The Output displayed that there's Path Traversal and RCE: Remote Code Execution: exploit

So let’s start the exploit: example

Reverse Shell

With the result of the last example we can now send a reverse shell. And it successfully did a RCE and uploaded a shell on the host. And I set up my netcat listener on port 4444: revShell revShell2

User Flag

Inside the / directory. I notice a file called .dockerenv. That indicates that we are in a docker container : dockerContaine

So We must escape this docker container. When I was exploring some directories I run into the temporary directory and I found a python program called omi.py: omi omiEn

So the omi is an unauthenticated RCE vulnerability effecting the OMI agent as root and I tried to run id and pwd commands: exploitOmi

And I got the flag :

python3 omi.py -t -c "find / -name 'user.txt'"
python3 omi.py -t -c "cat <result of the last command>"


Root Flag

With the same approach I got the flag for root :


Thanks for reading!!!


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